Monday, February 13, 2012


On March 1st S.E.A.T. will host an animation event during First Thursday in Pioneer Square in Seattle. We  will take over Zeitgeist Coffee with film projections both in and outside of the space. At the center of the event is ReAnimated- an Exquisite Corpse film made by seven of the members. Back in late December we came together to draw slips of paper from a hat that would tell us what image would begin and end our films. For example one of the prompts was Man with a Beard. The picture above shows that I ended my film with an image of a man with a beard and animator Clyde Petersen began his film with an image of a man with a beard. After we chose our prompts we were sworn to secrecy so we wouldn't influence each other. Now that these two films are finished I can show you an example of the prompts.