Friday, September 7, 2012


I have noticed, walking through the new Target store in downtown Seattle that one of their house brands is called RE. The logo has a similar sans bold face font, and strongly resembles the one used in this blog. I have never seen this logo before and I'm pretty sure Target hasn't seen my blog. Many times creativity is seen to be inspired by conscious and unconscious stimuli formed from the world around us. Sometimes this is nature, but most often it's from memories of artworks created by other people. Sometimes this is called stealing, but in most cases that term is used incorrectly, and the courts are having a difficult time sorting it out. But there's another form of inspiration, like the RE from the Target store where the idea is so simple that a collective unconsciousness takes over and many people can have the same idea at the same time. 

Erasable Cites at Antimatter

I'm happy to report Erasable Cities will have a screening at this years Antimatter Film Festival in Victoria B.C. Antimatter is a festival that consistently screens the best in experimental film with a global perspective.  At the same time they are very supportive of "local" filmmakers. I live in another country, but in Seattle, they are a ferryboat ride away. This is a festival that has supported my films from the beginning. I began making films in 2005, and they have screened my films every year since 2006. The festival this year runs from October 12th to 20th, and my film will screen Oct 17th. The official line up hasn't been announced yet, but this link should keep you informed.