Friday, July 15, 2011

About myself

I am a visual artist who in 2005 started  experimenting with film. I mostly work with found footage, either old educational films, vintage Hollywood, or film that has been donated to me. I then tear apart the structure of the original film and convert it into something different. These films have traveled to film festivals, nonprofit cinemas and art museums around the globe…. International Film Festival Rotterdam, L’Alternativa- Barcelona, Seattle International Film Festival, Walker Art Center- Minneapolis, Other Cinema- San Francisco. And I have won some awards…. Technical Innovation at the 2006 Ann Arbor Film Festival, and Grand Prix of the Press at the 2010 Paris Festival of Different and Experimental Film. I am currently finishing up a program of my short films- Recycled Visions. Smaller versions of my program have screened at Northwest Film Forum in Seattle, Grand Detour in Portland and a month long continuous run at Walker Art Center. If you’re interested in booking a screening or have any other projects I might be interested in you can contact me -